About Us

The men's style destination.

MODY is a boutique online men's fashion retailer founded in 2011 and based in Sydney.

We take the pain out of finding that fitted shirt you always wanted.

Everyone is different and body style is no exception. For those men who have a slight or slim body style, sometimes finding that fitted shirt may just be that little bit harder. We bring you our own label men's shirts offering beautiful and simple styles mixed with a modern tailored fit. 

Customer testimonials.

"Loved the shirt - quality was great and received many compliments"

"I bought my friend a shirt just in time for his birthday. He rang to tell me it fits really well. Can't wait till I start full-time work next year and buy some for myself."

No middlemen.

Going to a tailor for a custom made shirt can be expensive, time consuming and it usually takes days if not weeks for the shirt to arrive. At MODY, we bypass these channels to create the shortest path from our designs to your hands.

We have no physical stores and no retail partners. Instead, we sell exclusively at modystyle.com.au. By avoiding all the costs of traditional retail we're able to offer the same quality at affordable prices.

Our shirts.

All of our shirts are designed in-house by a small team in Sydney. We do not outsource design and we do not overproduce. Instead of offering 20 options for a shirt, we try to make only the best in each category. Everything in our range is made with the intention that it can be worn to work and directly to the bar. It's completely wearable everyday clothing to fit every style ten times over.

Modern tailored fit.

Our range of shirts are men's slim fit and ideally suit those who have a slight or slim body style. They have a modern tailored fit close to the body, particularly around the chest and arms without looking baggy or boxy. Our shirts feature a slight tail cut bottom that isn't too long. This allows the shirt to be worn either tucked or untucked.